photo of artist band LUCASV
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A blooming 25-year-old French multi-instrumentalist diamond certified producer, LUCASV aviates within the Paris music scene.
Tapping on his mother's pots during childhood opened the doors to an intense passion for music that never ceased to flourish. At a young age, he attended music school, started home studio recordings and later progressed to collaborations with rappers and songwriters that lead to the birth of his solo artist project.

Growing up between Los Angeles, Paris and London allowed him to expand his musical palette. His travels can be felt within his sound that incorporates a soulful blend of smooth electronic sounds to hip-hop influenced house grooves.

With his recent signature to Universal Music Publishing, receiving support from the most influential tastemakers of today and producing/touring with top charting artists, it is no question why LUCASV is one of the hottest artist/producer of the moment.

latest releases

cover of single ep album Baume


Single – 2022.11.28

cover of single ep album L'Amour


Single – 2022.03.17