France / Russia
photo of artist band Jenys
© Juana Wein

Jenys is a promising artist and music producer from Russia, currently shaping her musical journey in Paris. Her work seamlessly blends crystalline IDM with glitchy pop tunes.
The world she invites us into is genre-challenging — from hyperpop going into Techno and DnB, finally landing on the range of gospel and RnB.

Her debut EP “S.ncerity”, released in 2021 has been marked by muted synth sounds accompanied with gentle vocals, expressing vivid fantasies of youth. This release has opened many doors for Jenys in the world of performative arts for the past 2 years.
After moving to Paris, she quickly got surrounded and supported by her team - Sierra Management, Limitrophe Production, Orage Publishing & the Gum Club on the publishing side.

Her next EP is set to be released in 2024, which is expected to surprise her audience with a big transition in her musical path.
She has recently produced an upcoming album of Francky Gogo, including the first 2 singles released, ‘In My Heart’ and ‘Ruins’.

latest release

cover of single ep album 'Dive Urgent'

'Dive Urgent'

EP – 2024.04.19

cover of single ep album 'Like A Virgin'

'Like A Virgin'

Single – 2024.04.16

cover of single ep album 'Claim That Dress'

'Claim That Dress'

Single – 2024.03.27

cover of single ep album 'Lost'


Single – 2022.11.08

cover of single ep album 'That girl' (ft. Cantabile)

'That girl' (ft. Cantabile)

Single – 2021.11.26

cover of single ep album 'S.ncerity'


EP – 2021.10.01