photo of artist band SuperParka
© Diane Sagnier

There’s not much in SuperParka’s studio, a few synths, a guitar, a cowbell… and a picture of Christophe Lambert on the wall. It’s the Christophe Lambert from the « Mortal Kombat » movie, the one with the long hair and the white cape. « He’s completely free-wheeling in this movie, like he understood the meaning of life or something, like he decided to not give a fuck anymore. We’re always seeking for that state of mind » explains Simon.

Superparka is Paco&Simon, two french guys living in Paris. Their music flirts with lofi hip-hop, garage house and RnB, influenced by Pharrell (Neptunes era), Jai Paul, Danger Mouse, among others. They started SuperParka in late 2017, releasing the pop/rnb missile « GIRL », praised by Miguel, followed in 2018 by a first mixtape called « Sushi Boubou #1 ». It features the song « skip » which allows them to show darker vibes, talking about past friendships. 

They now come back with a new tape, logically called « Sushi Boubou 2 ». The beats are faster, they here incorporate dance and french touch influences to their sound. They joke about it: « Its nearly the only thing we legally have the right to do as french guys ». Between an hommage to a forgotten song from the legend of psychedelic soul Shuggie Otis (« Special »), a sunset drive on a Kawasaki Ninja Motorbike (« You »), bright experimentations (« Sunnn », « Ultraviolence ») and demonstrations of power (« Kawabunga! », « Corridor »), we hear bongos, lasers, Daft Punk filters, Tame Impala flangers and even Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 samples. In the strange times we’re living in, SuperParka brings us here a bit of kindness, an invitation to surf on the world. 

Hyperactive, they glorify the DIY spirit, producing themselves the music and the visuals that come with it. « When we can’t explain whats in our head, first we try to do it ourselves ». Indeed, if understanding whats in their heads seems like a difficult task, the result needs no explanation: it’s simply extra super duper cool.

latest release

cover of single ep album quatro


Album – 2023.10.13

cover of single ep album razzz


Single – 2023.09.06

cover of single ep album easy


single – 2023.07.12

cover of single ep album az


single – 2023.06.08

cover of single ep album (unconditional love)

(unconditional love)

single – 2022.10.27