France / Switzerland
photo of artist band Bada-Bada
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Bada-Bada is a french/swiss instrumental electronic music trio. The musicians have quickly expressed a desire to share and mix their respective musical discourse in the most sincere way there is: free improvisation. From all these improvisation sessions was born a band and a direction where to look at : Bada- Bada.

An explosive mixture of keyboards and synthesizers, lyrical saxophone and trumpet, all backed by a subtle blend of acoustic and electronic sounds of the drums.
The use of many modern tools allows the group to find unusual ways, yet little used. An important research work about sound and textures leads to work and to create together with six hands.
The music is sourced at the same time in repetitive, electronic music (Steve Reich, Boards Of Canada, Cabaret Contemporain) but also in both organic jazz & pop music (David Bowie, Radiohead, Donny McCaslin, Guillaume Perret, Nils Petter Molvaer, Kneebody).

After a first exploratory EP, the band joined the Berlin-Milan label Jazz-O-Tech with whom they released their second EP "II", adding an electronic and techno sound thanks to the remixes of Distant Echoes and Fabrizio Rat. Regarding the artistic collaborations, Bada-Bada digs further its research and its visual content by creating new videos in collaboration with several different directors. Following the work done with the electro dancers of the paris based crew ElectroStreet (R4G3) and the dancers Joker Yudat and Brandon Miele Masele (TLLNN Part. 1), the band collaborates with the director Aelred Nils (Blogothèque), to present a surprising, powerful and striking version of their track VENUS. It is not the first time that the group is supported by this director, since he is also behind the camera on the live recording of PHANTOM, shot at home.
However, the coronavirus occurs, at the beginning of 2020, shortly after the release party of the band at La Boule Noire, Paris. The period of quarantine and inaction in which the world is plunged into benefits the band, which develops new sounds and assiduously works on the composition of its album to come. Bada-Bada also continues to develop different projects to promote and distribute its music. In the end of 2020, the music video of TLLNN, part II is released, and at the beginning of 2021 Bada-Bada appears in the video JAZZ(S), produced by the philharmonie de Paris and ARTE and directed by Vincent Moon (La Blogothèque).
The first album, which will be released in autumn 2023, with singles to be released from spring 2023, marks a major achievement in their musical journey. The album brings us to the limits of acoustic and electronic music, within jazz and techno. Bada-Bada achieves sounds that are sometimes melancholic, sometimes evocative of distant memories, sometimes alarming and destabilizing; it perfectly mixes and untangles the sounds of the saxophone, the guitar, the trumpet and the drums with their electronic and electrifying resonances.

After a handful of singles and EPs and a series of concerts that have only served to increase the intensity and affirm the group's musicality, Bada-Bada - the trio formed by Lilian Mille, Tiss Rodriguez and Leo Fumagalli - is finally unveiling Portraits, its debut album. One of the jewels in the crown of the new jazz scene, with its innovative instrumental music based on trance, beats, textures and melody, Bada-Bada stands out for its rare ability to transcend genres and uses the studio as an instrument in its own right.

latest releases

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album – 2024.01.19

cover of single ep album Bada-Bada

Quiet Moon

single – 2023.11.10

cover of single ep album Bada-Bada

100 Fuites

single – 2023.10.30

cover of single ep album Bada-Bada


single – 2023.06.16