photo of artist band Nyluu
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Nyluu is an emerging artist from the SoundCloud scene. Originally from the South of France, he’s a member of the collective ‘crystal club’ since January 2021. Active since 2020, he released his first EP ‘uu’ with an accomplished artistic direction.
He released multiple singles since, and collaborates with artists and producers around the same scene, like H Jeune Crack, Winnterzuko and Realo.

He has a common project with artist and producer Yunodji, entitled ‘Nyluu in Paris’ released on July 2021. Nyluu and Idée Noire came together to create a symphony full of emotions. A sad and intoxicating journey with yet a few rare rays of hope, giving life to a unique project in 2022.

If you were expecting a conventional rap project, you can move on ! With the EP ‘Uu Symphonie’, Nyluu tells a story of a suffering life, seeking his remedy in a love he no longer finds. Despite admittedly ordinary themes, Nyluu stands out in his interpretation and writing skills.

latest release

cover of single ep album uu Symphonie

uu Symphonie

Album – 2022.04.29