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Known by her full name Lou Roy-Lecollinet, Lou CRL is a French singer and actress. Her first role as an actress in the film ‘Trois Souvenirs de ma Jeunesse’ by Arnaud Desplechin was a success for her : she got noticed by the press and got nominated for the Cesars for the most promising female actress. In 2017, we see her again on big screens in the film ‘Aurore’ along with Agnès Jaoui, as well as on small screens in the series ‘Paris etc.’ by Zabou Breitman on Canal+.

Since 2019, the artist uses the pseudonym Lou CRL and kickstarts her career in music. Inspired by the great French ‘chansons’ as well as the depths of rap, she creates pop music with dark realism and unique writing in the Kesho Beats Studio. In her songs, Lou unfolds her personal story and shares the obstacles she has overcome. Mental health issues, failed love stories, and an uncertain destiny intertwine poetically along with her sense of humor and her radical political stance.

Anyone can relate to the universal rhymes of the artist - she is mostly relatable when she plays her own role, as natural as she can be. In her first single ‘Je sais pas’, Lou establishes a new approach by making her listeners dive into the limbo of her reflections. Why even bother surviving ? Where to find the lost hope ? These questions seem to never stop.
She then releases the single ‘L’amour’, produced by Sutus, with 2000s RnB sonorities. Lou CRL is an empowered seductress who redefines love in today’s youth.

Lou performed several times in 2022 : Fête de l’Humanité, Petite Halle de La Vilette, Sample, Cancan and Goku.

latest releases

cover of single ep album L'amour


Single – 2022.11.05

cover of single ep album Je sais pas

Je sais pas

Single – 2022.10.01