France / USA / Austria
photo of artist band Bruises
© Ekaterina Aseeva

Bruises is a French-American duo comprised of Adah Dylan and composer-producer Max Sokolinski. His previous projects include collaborations with Christophe, Mathieu Chedid, Clara Luciani, Daniel Johnston, and his sister Soko.
Bruises (a metaphor for the « scars of our times ») breaks the codes of pop by mixing new wave and psychedelic rock with trip-hop. The duo is led by the voice of Adah Dylan. She developed a taste for poetry and progressive thinking, inspired by her grandfather, who won the alternative Nobel Prize for his work on the future of humankind.

The group has performed in major cities such as Paris and Los Angeles, as well as for brands such as Gucci, Paco Rabanne, Marc Jacobs, and at the Cannes Film Festival. Their first single "1992" was used in the final scene of the movie "The Map of Tiny Perfect things" (Prime Video).

Under their catchy melodies, the lyrics are tainted by a bitter-sweet feeling evoking both the freedom and the disenchantment of a new generation. In June 2022, Bruises will release their 2nd EP "Burning" from which the single Beneath The Wave was discovered in the CW series "The Republic of Sarah", whereas "Burning" was featured in the final scene of "The Sex Lives of College Girls" on HBO.

Inspired by the sense of a changing world and a wandering and superficial society, they create a universe that is both upbeat and dreamlike, as they effortlessly mix genres and references.


cover of single ep album Bruises


EP – 2022.06.10

cover of single ep album Bruises

La Javanaise

single – 2022.04.25