France / Belgium
photo of artist band Alwis
© Matthieu Plessis

Alwis grew up between Kentucky and Reims (France). In the U.S, the French Touch genre makes him travel outside the walls of his bedroom into parallel worlds made of love and printed circuits.
When he got back to France, it’s the American Blues that takes over his daily life, in all of its splendor and sobriety.

It’s in the midst of the cultural clashes that he grew as an artist and wrote his first melodies - with his own choices of nocturnal travels.

Alwis was first and foremost inspired by Daft Punk and the White Stripes. Over time, he was also inspired by alchemists that made him reduce his influences to extract a subtle mixture : It’s in this intimate world that the sounds of Jeff Buckley or Apex Twin intertwine, suspended above silence. A real invitation to rest and introspect by the simple act of a click in order to enter.


cover of single ep album Alwis

Real Light

EP – 2022.05.06