Clovis XIV

He began his journey as a drummer from Paris, France, channeling Bonham's bombast as a member of bands like Sna- fu Grand Désordre Orchestre and Mustard Pimp. Audiences around the world marveled at his overwhelming presence and torrid playing; however, his fire on the toms could not compare to the one that engulfed his house in Versailles. All was lost except a dysfunctional Roland Groovebox machine that he found amidst the rubble. Could this be fate ?

With this weapon of choice, he delved deeper into the world of electronic music and founded the French House duo Ventury. He meticulously studied every tone, tune, and technique of this vast genre; assimilated its elements; and began developing a voice all his own. His prowess turned many heads (and ears), and there he is, being asked to jump on a plane to Los Angeles to pursue his artistic endeavours.

It was there, in the City of Angels, that his artistic vision came to fruition. He honed a style imbued with the sounds of '90s house, hip hop, and French Touch - all his earliest influences as an aspiring musician in the suburbs of Paris. To honor those roots, he chose to take the nom de plume of Clovis XIV, an homage to the first king of the Franks, Clovis I, and also one of his ancestors.

And so, straddling the Atlantic, Clovis XIV's conquest of the airwaves commences.

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